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Fraternity Park

This area of ​​the city, so busy today, for centuries was a site rarely frequented by the people of Havana. It is said that they were swampy and mangrove lands, and then area of ​​estancias with abundant woodland. Towards 1790 it becomes a field of military exercises that is extended in 1793 from a project…
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Old Havana Tour

For more than 200 years, Havana has been the most important and attractive city in the Caribbean basin and the Gulf of Mexico. It is a city full of charms for its architecture, its sea and its people, main reasons why today it bears the title of being the 7th Wonder City of the World.…
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The Cathedral of San Cristobal de La Habana

Its construction began in 1748, by order of the bishop Felipe Jose de Res Palacios; And is currently considered one of the most beautiful and sober religious buildings of the American Baroque. A good example of a Jesuit style. It is dedicated to the Virgin, whose image is represented on the high altar. The cathedral…
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Old Havana and its picturesque characters

Old Havana is like a postcard where the picturesque characters abound and tell us their little stories, sometimes with just a glance. At the corner of Hotel Ambos Mundos we stumbled upon the smart guy, who wears a suit, hat and two-tone shoes, and with that other one who is disguised as a policeman from…
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