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[cherry_parallax image=”parallax-malecon.jpg” speed=”normal” invert=”false” custom_class=”extra”] [row] [span12] [hero_unit title=”” text=”Havana City, is just one of over 50 official online guides covering the whole of Cuba. If you’re planning a trip to Cuba and would like discover our fabulous nation before visiting, or if you’d like to visit a specific place in Cuba, you’ve come to the right place.Havana City is one of Cuba’s most renowned places, visited by millions of people over the past decade and capital of the mblematic Island nation of Cuba. When you travel to Havana City you may wish to check out the hotels near the major Havana sights we have available, as well as car rentals and extensive day trips. This unique capital city has some simply amazing things to see. Whether you are visiting Cuba’s Capital of Havana for business, pleasure or both, we’re sure that the Havana City will meet all of your expectations and that the historic sights in Havana City will provide everything you’ve dreamed of.” btn_text=”Travelucion MediaKit” btn_link=”” btn_style=”primary” btn_size=”normal” target=”_blank”] [/span12] [/row] [/cherry_parallax] [row][spacer][/row][row][span4]Varadero, is more than just resort town in the province of Matanzas, Cuba, it’s one of the largest resort areas in the Caribbean. Endless stretches of white sand, crystal-clear waters, stunning weather and heaps of fun activities make Varadero a major destination.

[button text=”More about Varadero” link=”” style=”primary” size=”normal” target=”_blank” display=”inline” icon=”no”][/span4][span4]Trinidad, a spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Site with narrow cobbled streets leading to Cuba’s best-preserved colonial architec ture was founded as a Spanish settlement in 1514; Trinidad offers a slower pace of life allied to incredible Sancti Spíritus mountain ous valleys creating a backdrop for stunning scenery.

[button text=”More about Trinidad” link=”” style=”primary” size=”normal” target=”_blank” display=”inline” icon=”no”][/span4][span4]Santiago de Cuba, looking back from San Pedro de la Roca Castle, Santiago de Cuba’s 17th century UNESCO World Heritage fortress the sprawling city is cupped by the mountainous eastern regions of Cuba. Visit the Casa Velázquez or Emilio Bacardí Moreau Museum or relax in the main square.

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