Trading Market San Francisco de Asís square

Trading Market is located in front of the San Francisco de Asís square, occupying a small block intercepted by the streets Lamparilla, Baratillo, Oficios and Obrapía. It is a beautiful building inaugurated in the year 1909 from a call in which it was winner the project of the Spanish architect Tomas Mur. An installation constructed of steel beams with mezzanines and reinforced concrete ceilings.

On the first floor it worked as a warehouse and bag, on the second and third floor were the offices of the Lonja, the fourth and fifth floors were rented to importing houses and customs agencies. On the roof is a beautiful dome with a bronze sculpture of God Mercury. He stood in front of the Customs House, where traders' meetings were held to define their business.

In the 90's began the restoration and modernization of La Lonja del Comercio according to international standards, improvement of windows, sanitary services, emergency stairs, galleries, four panoramic elevators were installed and other facilities such as restructuration of interior premises , Opening of cafeteria, bar, multifunctional lounges, restaurant, telecommunications services, air conditioning, lighting, fire detection and intruders through automated services, all this to provide a service of excellence to the firms and companies that have offices in this installation.

In the heart of the Historic Center, it is surrounded by a large number of tourist, recreational, and cultural attractions.

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